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    The Geddie Group LLC

    Marketing, Community Relations, Healthcare & Logistics

    (Certified Business Enterprise)

  • The Geddie Group LLC

    We assist clients to resolve short-term and long-term business challenges with innovative, cutting-edge and measurable results.


    The Geddie Group LLC provides full-service marketing, communications, creative design, digital marketing, media relations, logistics management and public information services.


    Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to empower our clients and partners to enhance awareness of their business, brand, products, services and/or initiatives to achieve their business goals and objectives.

  • Our Services

    As a strategic marketing partner, The Geddie Group LLC is committed to understanding our client's business goals & objectives; providing innovative solutions; developing and managing quality projects; and producing tangible and quantifiable results.

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    Marketing /Communication Consulting

    + Cross Cultural Marketing

    + Multicultural Marketing

    + Target Marketing

    + Consumer and Market Research

    + Marketing/Communications Consulting

    + Multimedia Campaigns

    + Social Media

    + Strategic Communication Strategies

    + Experiential Marketing

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    Creative Design

    + Graphic Design

    + Creative Information Marketing

    + Digital Marketing

    + Video Production

    + Photography

    + Website Design & Development

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    Logistics Management & Promotions

    + Meeting Planning

    + Event Registration Portal

    + Trade Show & Conference Planning and Promotion

    + Venue Selection and Negotiation

    + Target Market Identification

    + Logistics Management

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    Healthcare Services & Outreach

    + Diabetes Education

    + Grassroots Outreach

    + HEDIS Gap Closures

    + Market Research

    + Organization Development

    + Social Needs Assessment (SDoH)

  • Closing Gaps in Care for Diabetic Retinopathy

    Team Geddie was engaged to conduct a Year End Quality Improvement project during the COVID-19 resurgence. Our contractual goal was to engage 500 enrollees to educate, empower, and schedule retinal eye exams. These retinal eye exams were coordinated and scheduled at participating DC provider practices. To alleviate the need for an ophthalmologist and the discomfort of eye dilation, Team Geddie utilized the Eyenuk’s EyeArt® artificial intelligence (AI) System. The AI system takes non-intrusive, highly accurate photographs of the retina and electronically sends them to the member’s Primary Care Physician for review and diagnosis.

    In the two months of the project, Team, Geddie made a over 2,000 calls and text messages to the 500 members. Of the 125 members scheduled, 55 received eye exams at either the offices of 10 provider practice partners or the 10 community partners during the scheduled clinics. These partners included faith-based sites, local grocery pharmacies, and community sites. Team Geddie worked with the Medicaid transportation provider(s) by scheduling the pick-up and drop-off of members with transportation challenges. Working with the Medicaid plan, Team Geddie provided a red-carpet enrollee experience with vendor incentives to encourage members to attend the clinics.


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    Provider Practice & Community Partners


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  • NAICS Codes

    -541613 Marketing Consulting Services
    -541820 Public Relations Agencies
    -541840 Media Representatives
    -541511 Web page Design Services
    -541611 Business Management Consulting
    -SIN 541-3 Web site Marketing Services
    -SIN 541-4D Conference Events and Tradeshow Planning Services
    -Dun & Bradstreet #:609812297
    -DC Certified Business Enterprise

    NIGP Codes

    715-90-20 Educational Training
    915-00-00 Communications/Media Related Services

    918-00-00 Consulting
    925-91-00 Video Design and Engineering Services

    952-90-00 Training and Instruction
    961-53-00 Marketing Services
    962-34-00 Event Planning Services
    965-30-00 Desk Top Publishing Services

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